Tell me my squat is ‘textbook’ and I’ll be your client forever!

Since I got rid of the post baby weight, I’ve been having another goal – to get fit.

Easier said than done. If you run your own business – hey, if you are a MUM, you would know! There’s never enough time.

I love walking and my occasional bike rides with the kids, but I realised that some routine and good exercises would do me “loads of good”, especially because the left shoulder is starting to have aches and fatigue. I need to gain some stregth to my muscles to keep the lower back pains away.

I’d recently stumbled across a concept that tickled my fancy: strength training for women. That’s how Google led me to Lisa from Women’s Strength Coach. Lisa is an Olympic weightlifter and an Australian weightlifting coach herself doing amazing things with every day women. She trains women all over the world through internet plus has a studio in Brisbane.

Thursday early morning I had my first session.

It was great. No, it was actually more than that, it was pretty amazing. I literally stand on my back yard deck, my computer on the table, my “lovely” Vileda stick (mop part removed…) in my hands and work out. It actually works! First, Lisa explains what I should be doing, then she shows me HOW to do the exercises, and then it’s my turn.

My squat is apparently “TEXTBOOK” – I must be natural! :)

Well, it did take a few corrections… Technique is everything, and Lisa is a stickler for technique. “Why squat with something on your back if you can’t do a full body-weight squat.” she said to me, and it makes sense. Before adding any extra weights, you need to have the technique right.

Later I got my program emailed to me plus all the accompanying videos for mobility, stretching and a challenging core workout – that apparently has no sit-ups. A few more sessions of one on one training in front of the computer, and I know that I will be able to do this all myself one day. I won’t need a Personal Trainer and I can do this whenever I want. Well, that’s my plan, and you know what, I think its going to work! This is ideal for me.

Lisa really is an excellent coach.

What I like, is that she speaks so that even a “lay-person” like me can understand. She has a wicked sense of humour, so prepare to laugh your way through the sessions. She is encouraging, and patient and she certainly doesn’t sugar-coat it. If you are doing it wrong, she will pull you up, tell you why and then we repeat it.

Another thing that impresses me is that she’s not about the biceps and abs. My previous impression was that’s all weight training was about. Apparently I was wrong. I’m doing this for my postural muscles and general fitness, and that’s what she focuses on. It’s more about the ability. Just real people, mums like me, improving posture, gaining more flexibility, being able to push the shopping trolley without tears etc. And it’s great that she is able to make a difference in so many women’s lives.

Nice to have met you, Lisa!